5 Easy Pointers to Maximising Space in Your Outdoor Work Area

5 Easy Pointers to Maximising Space in Your Outdoor Work Area

Many homes come with an old shed, summer kitchen, barn, garage or other secondary building that is disused or simply used as storage. A home handy-person or a home-based entrepreneur might be interested in refitting this space for a workshop or a garden office.

A newly-built home can also include additional outside buildings. In this case, a work-space can be constructed from the ground up. The following five ideas will help anyone who is interested in making the most use of the space available for their garden office or workshop.


Plenty of Light

It is important to have plenty of light available in a garden office or workshop. In the case of a home-based business office, large bay windows provide a beautiful view and plenty of sunlight to create a bright and inspiring place to work creatively. In a wood-working, metal, or other crafting shop, bright overhead lamps can compensate for lack of windows.

Well-placed mirrors give the impression of larger spaces and can easily be placed in key locations around the garage, shed or office to create a less stuffy atmosphere. Mirrors can also help with security as well, especially if clients frequent the workshop.

Ventilation and Fresh Air

Ventilation systems can help to carry fumes away from chemicals, paints and other solutions. Easy to open windows can provide air circulation which will create a more comfortable work environment.

Space for Planning

A workshop or garden office also needs large worktables where it is easy to spread out and plan every step of the project. Having a separate table to keep any blueprints or plans on, including shelves for books and other instructional material, is also a great idea.

Space for Working

Separate areas or tables for related activities (wood-working, metal-working, pottery, painting, welding, chrome-plating, powder-coating, glass-blowing, smelting, painting, illustration, graphic design) can be a great way to organise projects. Large flat tables can be placed around the edges of a building to create an open space in the middle, or they can be placed as islands around the room. Refitting wiring to include connectors in floors or ceilings can make using machinery more comfortable.

Using Vertical Space

Storage space is needed for unused stores of materials. Frequently needed materials can be stored underneath worktables, while others can be placed on storage racks overhead. Wood or metal planks can be placed flat across overhead beams, while future upgrades could include dedicated overhead storage bins or racks.

Once the workshop or garden office is set up, the next step is to furnish it with containers for all parts, tools, supplies and materials. Organising space and components efficiently will make it much easier to locate tools and increase productivity.

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