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All the Heavy Duty Timber Garden Workshops we sell on this site are manufactured at one of our 3 timber workshop factories in Liverpool.

The most popular sizes are 10 x 8 even though it  is one of our smallest Garden Workshops. Following this, the 16 x 8 and the 20 x 10 are by far the most popular , however, we do manufacture timber workshops of much larger sizes when requested.

With the latest change in local Planning Regulations we now make all our buildings Planning Compliant – that generally means we keep the overall height to under 2.5m (approx 8′ 2″) . So unless you are in a Restricted Conservation Area you will not need to apply for Planning Consent under normal conditions.

We do 75% of our business in the Midlands or Southern UK. Because our general overheads and labour costs are so much lower up North it makes us extremely competitive. Maybe not so much on the smaller buildings under 10 x 8 but certainly on the larger buildings with most clients seeing savings of over 50% on Southern Suppliers Prices in comparison .

We find people use many search terms when using the internet – workshop shed – shed workshop – wooden workshops – large garden sheds – big sheds – heavy duty sheds – sectional workshops -strong sheds  large wooden sheds – sheds and workshops, but they all basically mean the same thing.

The biggest problem these days is the rising cost of fuel which has nearly doubled in the last 3 years, to fill one of our Ford Transit Sized Pickups it now costs around £160 to fill up compared with £85.00 -3 years ago. So a round trip to say London now costs us around £220 in Fuel. It is for this reason it would cost more in fuel than  the profit in a small building.

We try our best to price the delivery for  each building on an individual basis but as a general guide we will charge £1.00 per mile from Liverpool L1 0AH to your Delivery address post code BUT only charge one way so if you live in say Birmingham B1 say 98 miles just there we only charge for the mileage to you NOT the overall return millage .

Workshop Shed

If you have any problems with any of the explanations above  please either phone 0151 709 0969  or email – info@timber-workshops.co.uk

We will shortly be offering nation wide delivery on our range of Heavy Duty Timber Dog Kennels. These are not to be confused with the cheap and nasty things you see all over the likes of ebay !

Please ask about our Ex-Display buildings.  We sell these buildings of  at a reduced price  so we keep our show site looking fresh and up to date  – submit an enquiry and we shall try to match you up with an available building .