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Premium Garden Studio

Premium Garden Studio

Our New range of Eco friendly Garden Studios, Buildings and Offices .

We not only supply your traditional Timber Workshops but with the big change in peoples working habits we are seeing a rend to working from Home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to work on your business’ finances with a constant view of your perfectly manicured garden? Picture yourself writing a novel or composing music while being surrounded by lush greenery. Imagine all these without going far from home.

As everyday living become more stressful, people are retreating to their homes and to nature and garden buildings are more relevant today than before.

We offer garden offices which experts say can boost productivity among home-based business owners. Being close to nature is proven to alleviate stress and stimulate brain functions. Made of top class timbers, these workplaces are great for entertaining clients because they are set against a tranquil atmosphere while still being professional.

Our garden studios are perfect for artistic individuals. Whether it is for photography, music or painting, pursuing your creative passions in the middle of nature will surely have your creative juices flowing.

Insulated Garden Office

Whether for business or for artistic endeavours, our Garden Buildings are well-priced and planning compliant, saving you money and time since you can now do away from the tedious process of getting a permit from your local planning department and all the stress that goes with it.

No matter what your requirements are we can help to provide the extra space you need with a Timber Garden Building thats not only suites our needs but your environment as well. No point in having some big ugly looking lump of Wood you are going to have to look at the next few years is there. We have all done it in the past, try to be clever and bought something we think is cheap but regretted it in the long term .
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