Timber Workshop Prices – Guide

Timber  Workshop Prices

All our Basic Timber Workshop Buildings are made using Heavy Duty 3×2  Frame Work – The larger the Building the more framework we use.
You have a selection of Claddings but by far the most Popular is the 22 mm Thick T+G 
The whole Timber Workshop Range come as standard with 6ft 4inch Eves and a Max Height of Under 2.5m to comply with Planning Regulations .
It is very important you check on this as a lot of suppliers provide buildings that are taller than this that will require you to obtain Planning Permission – they simply DON’T care as its your problem once delivered
We Do Care and try to advise you on the correct building for the Job ! 35 Years hands on experience in manufacturing Timber Buildings – We are not a just a Discount On Line Web SIte – We are Human and know what we are doing we are NOT some fancy online sales team trying to take your money and will sell you any thing to make the most profit . We ask you what you want to use the building for , as its intended use makes a difference to design and quality you may require 
Timber Workshop Prices


  • Standard Workshop – This range uses 12mm thick T+G Cladding in Walls and floor and Roof
6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft 16ft 18ft 20ft 22ft
6ft Wide - - - - - - - - -
8ft W - - £830 £960 £ 1120 £ 1280 £ 1440 £1600 £1760
10ft W - - £1000 £1200 £1400 £ 1600 £1800 £2000 £2200
12ft W - - - £1440 £1680 £ £ £ £
  • Heavy Duty Workshop – This range uses 22mm thick T+G Cladding in Walls and Floor – Roof 12mm T+G
6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft 16ft 18ft 20ft 22ft
6ft wide £595 £685 £870 £1120 £1276 £1340 £1500 £1680 £1850
8ft W - £955 £1145 £1344 £1760 £1890 £2016 £2240 £2460
10ft W - - £1400 £1680 £1960 £2240 £2520 £2800 £3080
12ft W - - - £2016 £2350 £2688 £3040 £3360 £3680
  • Ex Heavy Duty Workshop – This range uses 28mm thick T+G Cladding in Walls and floor – Roof 12mm T+G
6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft 16ft 18ft 20ft 22ft
6ft Wide - £816 £1020 £1340 £1513 £1610 £1800 £2016 £2220
8ft - £1088 £1360 £1630 £2112 £2148 £2420 £2688 £2958
10ft - - £1680 £2020 £2352 £2688 £3020 £3360 £3690
12ft - - - £2410 £2820 £3225 £3648 £4032 £4470

- - - - - - - - -

Our Timber Workshop Prices are very competitive and we are proud not to be the cheapest

There is No limit to the Size we can make but you must be aware of the Local Planing Regulations which only allow you up to a max of 30 square meters ie – 6m x 5m  ( 20ft x 16ft ) / 8m x 3.5m and so on the length and width can be any variation  as long as the Total Square Metre s are less than 30 sq meters   ( 325 sq foot ) do a google search for – Planing Regulations and you will find a site called – “Planning Portal ”

This is the Governments official stye and will guide you throughout what you need to know. Or give us a call or email and we can help

New  Range of 44mm Thick Workshop Cabins available Soon ! Please enquire 

Any Size Can Be Made please send an enquiry.

Lining and Insulating Our Garden Workshops

This is becoming very popular now days , people are prepared to spend just that little bit more and get a building that they can truly use all year round. As with any thing we may buy  there are different qualities !

As a very general guide we have three levels of Internal Lining and you can add between 25% to 50% of the cost of the building extra for this service

  • Hardboard –   cheapest     / Aprox price £3.50 per sq foot
  • Plywood  – Middle option / Aprox price £4.50 per sq foot
  • T+G – most expensive      / Aprox price £5.50 per sq foot

When we say per sq foot this is worked out for ease by using the ground area of your building so for example

A 10 x 10ft would = 100 sq ft so times that by £4.50 if you want a ply wood lined 10ft x 10ft workshop and you can add £450 to the building cost

There are many , many ways to reduce cost especial when insulating the Roof so please discuses your concerns and we will be happy to send you a full detailed quote

The Prices on this page are including Delivery and Erecting within 30 Miles of Liverpool L1 0AH
You must have a Solid Level base ready before we arrive , with clear unobstructed access to the site – this means all washing lines and over head obstructions removed. Most of these Buildings will NOT go through your house !so if you live in a Terraced / Mews or other type property you will need to let us know as it is possible to make in smaller sections but at an extra charge .
Basic alterations such as Door and  Window positions are done at NO extra charge – you can have as many or as few windows as you want all the same price – we take the rough with the smooth !
For Deliveries Outside our Standard Area we normally quote on an individual basis . But as a Guide we charge £1.oo per mile one way from our Post Code L10AH to your post code.
This is a ONE way only charge so L10AH to say London NW10 is 207 miles so we would charge £207 for delivery to that post code
This does normally include the erecting of the building / workshop within the Merseyside Area. Outside our local the erecting will be agreed on an individual basis due to the extremely heavy nature of our Timber Workshops but we are always willing to do a deal ! so don’t panic 90% of the time it is included .
The problems come when we have very long walks with a heavy building or restricted access, all of which takes time – which of course is money.
If you are unsure in any way please contact us either by phone – 01517090969 or email info@timber-workshops.co.uk and
if possible send some photos of the access to and the area where the building would be sited so we can get a better idea what we are dealing with