Timber Shed Care

Caring For Your Timber Garden Buildings

garden shed maintenanceA new timber Shed or Workshop not only costs money but also takes up a substantial place in your back garden. Therefore, you don`t want to leave the timber to rot away, uncared for.
To avoid this, shed care and regular maintenance of the timber is necessary.

For a start, you`ll need to weather proof the shed or workshop to ensure protection from the elements. Clear oil / spirit based treatment is useful here as it offers the protection your timber shed needs while being easy on the grain and the colour of the timber itself.

A paint job is another option using the likes of Cuprinol Shades keeps the shed protected, as well as allowing you to pick from lots of different colours and therefore letting you retain a colour scheme throughout your property.

Staining  is another popular choice in that it turns the timber the colour of the stain and like oil, is useful for keeping the timber`s grain intact. Another preservative to use from the off is anti-rot. This will help the wood of your timber shed to survive longer.

The fact is that there are many treatment options available, a few of which are mentioned above. The important thing to remember is that when you receive a new timber shed,  it`s possible that it won`t come treated or will arrive with basic minimal treatment.

So it`s necessary to get onto the task of protecting your new building almost straight away – within two weeks is best to prevent weathering that could have been avoided. Once the initial treating is done, you do still need to keep it up-to-date; most treatments will need reapplying on an annual basis, longer with spirit based treatments Ensure you retreat all parts of your timber shed; don`t forget the roof, for example.

Other than treating the shed or workshop on a fairly regular basis to ensure its continued protection, you can also help your shed achieve as long a life as possible by keeping obstructions from it. For example, an overhanging  tree branch may not seem like a real problem but if allowed to dangle near to the timber shed, it can scratch bits of the shed`s decor away and create holes.

Roof felt maintenance is also necessary as the years go by and the elements get to this part of the timber shed.
You have a number of options.
* Pay and have a much stronger roof covering like polyester touch on felt which has a min 25 Year life span
* Opt to recover the roof every few years with a lighter covering
Either way would you leave the roof on your house and not repair it ? No then the same must go for your shed or workshop


You can make a great difference to the appearance of your new Shed or Workshop by have a well planned Landscaping Job undertaken, our staff our will to offer you hands on advise and Guidance on any landscaping issues you may have