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timber  workshop dutch barn

30ft x 12ft timber barn building with shingle tiled roof priced around £3500 supplied and fitted prices start from £650

So you are looking to replace or buy an new Timber Workshop ?

Then you have landed in the right place to get the very best all round value for money workshop shed in the UK.

Pound for pound we offer by far the best value for money on any heavy duty worksop or shed in the UK .

We are proud not to be the cheapest . By this we mean that we are not into the cheap and nasty discount timber workshop buildings we see on sites like Ebay and so on .

If price is your first concern then we do offer a selection of heavy duty sheds and workshops for sale but they use lighter and thinner components to that of our traditional heavy duty timber workshops . 

We Make and Erect Timber Workshops Nation Wide

Unlike a lot of online suppliers we are actual manufactures , traditional , old fashioned timber sheds and garden workshops. We also have a great range of Dutch Barn style workshops similar to image above which show a 24ft x 12ft wide Dutch Barn timber Workshop with optional felt shingle tiles . That particular building would cost around £3500 supplied and erected on to your solid base depending on your location in UK . Less if you did not require shingled roof . That building is clad with 22mm thick T+G which is some 100% thicker than most budget workshops you see advertised on the internet  . There are upgrades to 28mm and even 44mm , you are only limited buy your budget .

From our main factory in Liverpool , Merseyside we have over 35 years of practical hands on experience in making most types and size of timber garden building. With this many years of  experience there is very little we have not seen or made !

A true timber workshop shed will be made with strong framing and extra thick cladding . That should be  at least 20mm with a minimum 75 x 50 framework any thing less is just a shed ! so don’t fool your self when you see small shed makers advertising their sheds as workshops , they are NOT .

timber garage workshop

10ft Wide x 20ft Deep Timber Workshop Garages used for motor bikes

We deliver and instal Timber Garden Workshops Nation Wide

Although we are based up North in Liverpool we actually do 80% 0f our business south of Oxford , in the South UK generally .

Why you may ask would i want to buy a heavy duty workshop from a supplier many miles away from where i live ?

Simple value for money ! Most of us with any common sense are looking for a value for our hard earned money , not the cheapest as cheap does not always end up being the best in the along run. Yes price does play apart in most of our purchases nowadays . But in this day and age of the internet it can be dawnting working out who is actually telling the truth about what they are selling .

Any one can set up a really nice looking web site , type a few words in , add a few images and look a Million Dollars !

We are for real you can come and look at a real factory , with real people making timber buildings . We do what it says on the lable , that simple – we make all our own garden workshops in Liverpool 

As our overheads  here up North tend to be a lot less than in the South of the Uk our general manufacturing cost will be cheaper . The only thing we have to consider is transport . Now this in its own right is not cheap transporting a 20 x 10 heavy duty workshop which weighs in at a little over  2 ton can not be put on the roof ram of a car . They require at least two strong lads to load and unload which all cost money .

Even with all this 90% of the time on a timber workshop 10 x 8 and over even after paying additional delivery charges you will find you are still getting better value for money compare to buying your new workshop locally .

30ft x 12ft Heavy Duty Timber Workshop

30×12 Workshop Store Shed

Standard Timber Workshop Specifications

  • 3×2 Framing
  • 20 to 28mm Cladding – Tongue and Groove
  • Minimum 6ft eves height ( sides)
  • Roof Trusses for support in all buildings 10×8 and larger
  • Traditional British made cast , galvanised hinges
  • Heavy Duty Roofing Felt (40kg) Roof covering up grades and options available . ( Polyester Torch on 25 year )
  • Most buildings are planing compliant -ie under 2.5m max hight so you can locate it on the boundary of your property .

Custom Made Timber Workshops

So you looking for a Garden Workshop made to your size – not a problem

This is really where you will find us offering value for money . We find 90% of our squires from the South are for custom made timber workshops as we are told local suppliers are just not interested in this type of work. Why i have no idea ? But it works in our favour .

Simply send us as much detail as posable on your ideas for a custom made / bespoke timber workshop and be sure to include your delivery details / post code so we can quote including delivery .

Ideally send an image of the area so we can have a better idea of the overall situation .

On last final note on  large buildings , as of late 2011 the local planning regulations changed in relation to Garden Out Buildings . very simply if you intend to site your new timber workshop within 2 meters of ANY boundary on your property no matter how big that property is the max hight that building can be is 2.5m ( 8ft in old money ) and a max size of 30 sq meters and no more than 50% of  any area out side your main house foot print.

If you require a taller building you will need to either  move it more than 2 meters from your boundary or apply for planning permission . Please contact us on 01517090969 if you require more advise .

flat roof timber workshop

20 x 12 Pent Roof timber Workshop with 2 lots of double doors on long section used to store motor bikes


Buying a New Timber Workshop can be as easy or as complex as you want to make it . By this we mean in this day and age we are offered so many variations in most things we buy now days , mobile phones , computors , cars and so a timber wooden workshop is no different .

garden workshop garage

10ft wide workshop with 8ft wide double doors

People simply expect options now days and we make this easy – How ? buy not making a fuss about a few small alterations that some suppliers would call a bespoke or custom made workshop , when in fact most alterations are very simple and can be due during the normal manufacturing process .

This is why we have become so sucsessfull , we simply do not make a fuss up here in the North as a lot of Souther manufactures have had it their own way for to long now they have some work to do to change attitudes and be more flexible with clients as we are .

En verano, no hay nada más efectivo para mantener fresco nuestro hogar que tener aire acondicionado. La mayor pega que tiene este tipo de sistemas es que requiere de la instalación de grandes unidades exteriores de climatización Instalación aire acondicionado Santander Preinstalación de conductos de aire acondicionado. El nivel de confort conseguido es considerablemente mayor puesto que la temperatura de la residencia es homogénea y permite la instalación de un sistema de climatización por zonas.


super strong workshop shed

Security Workshop used to store electrical items

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